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Our Queen
Posh Bengal Spots Sassa

The origin of the name lies in Old Norse, Swedish. Sassa is pronounced as SAH-sah.

A Swedish diminutive of Astrid  meaning "divine beauty."

Sassa made her personality clear to us early on, and she will forever be my "sour patch kid"! First she is sour and then she is sweet! A great combination of sassy and sweet- she is way too smart for her own good, fearless and stubborn. She will antagonize the dog which is 10x her size..then pretend it wasn't her. She sure does keep us laughing! Sassa is very social, when we have gatherings in the house she will eventually come say hello to all the guests. She sleeps in our bedroom every night, but will refuse to go to bed unless she is carried into the room. If she is not carried in to the room she will sit by the door and pout until the door is opened...I pick her up...and bring her into the room and set her on the bed. She truly is a Queen in more ways than one!

Sassa is our first and only Queen at Bengals Reign cattery. Having had her to ourselves for the first year of her life has allowed us to not only learn her amazing temperament and personality, but also to build a true bond. I have no doubt that love and those adventurous personality traits will show themselves in her litters. 

We are expecting big things from miss Sassa! Thank you Posh Bengal Spots for breeding such a beautiful

Silver Bengal for our program. 

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