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Our Story

How It All Began

I was first introduced to Bengals from my cousin. The first thing I noticed was how SOFT her cats were. They were so playful and fun! Then I started to realize just how intelligent they were, I was hooked from there. I was in awe of their long, lean, athletic bodies. Their wide beautiful eyes. And got a kick out of how much they liked to "talk" to you! Later I was blessed with a beautiful brown Bengal who quickly became the owner of my house. Even the dog bowed to her.

 ​My cousin owns a cattery of her own and is a reputable breeder. Since meeting her first cat, I got to see first hand what is was like to care for a Bengal. Before I knew it I was viewing births, going to HCM scans, learning nutrition, and all the other ins and outs of a cattery business. One day, my cousin said "why don't you open your own cattery??" I had never thought about it before- I was just having so much fun learning from her! I wanted to make sure this was the right decision for me so I thought a lot about it- weighed the pros and cons. And now here I am! With my very own growing! ​I am looking forward to maintaining the Bengal breed and optimizing their looks. 

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