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How can I purchase a Bengal kitten?

First, please email us that you would like to fill out a kitten application. We will contact you when it is received and set up a time to talk. All applicants will go through an interview process and we have the right to deny your kitten application. We want to be sure our kittens are placed in a loving, furr-ever home!

Does my cat have to be altered?

Short answer, yes. Fixing your cat is not a bad thing, they make more loving pets, live a longer life, less chance of Pyometra and the list goes on and on! 
Your kitten will either come to you already altered, or you will have 6 months to get your pet cat fixed. Additional terms and conditions can be found in our contract.

How socialized are your Bengals?

We are a small cattery and all our Bengals receive lots of love and attention! The love and play time come from our family and friends. They are all well loved and socialized! We will do everything in our power to insure your Bengal kitten will be well socialized when re-homed. With that being said, we cannot guarantee the personality once the kitten leaves our home.

You have approved my what?

Now you're on your way to getting a new Bengal friend! We will go over available kittens and pricing. To reserve a kitten we will ask for a $750 non-refundable deposit.

Do you ship kittens?

Yes, we ship anywhere in the US. Shipping, permits/paperwork, courier fee, gas (if I drive to you) and any other shipping fee; will be at the buyer's expense.

How much does a Bengal kitten cost?

Typically Bengal kittens cost around $1500-$2500 depending on pedigree and markings. The average price in our Cattery is $1,750. This is strictly for a pet price.

Bringing your new kitten home

We will send you home with a care package for your new kitten. This will include the kitten food we have them on, a few toys, and informational pack. If you choose to switch food, please do it at a very slow pace- kitten's can get upset stomachs if their food is switched too quickly. 

We LOVE to receive photos and fun stories from our kittens that have gone to their new homes! Stay in touch, we will always be here to help with questions or concerns throughout your new Bengal's life. 

Can I come visit before choosing a kitten?

Absolutely! All visits are pre-scheduled after the kittens are 5 weeks of age. We cannot promise the reservation of your kitten unless you have placed your down deposit for your kitten.

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